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"Mothra, Queen of the Monsters"

- Dr. Ilene Chen

Following the releases of King Ghidorah(2019) and Burning Godzilla(2019) under The Ultimate Masterline Series, here comes Queen of the Monsters herself.


Spiral Studio proudly presents ST-MIS005: Mothra(2019) Imago Form - Standard Edition in all her glory with the level of details taken directly from the movie through the official assets.


Tanaka Kenichi-sensei returns again with his unparalleled craftmanship as seen in any other of his works. Mothra was sculpted with all the attention to details in mind, whether it be individual hairline, over a thousand lens on her eyes, wrinkles and hairs throughout the wings for instance. Combining with the diorama that faithfully depicts the cityscape of Boston's downtown, we aim to achieve an absolute realism with our works.


The same approach was also applied to our painting process as. we made sure that the most important parts of Mothra like her wings pattern is 100% accurate to the movie. We even used special type of Black Light Paint to imitate her bioluminescence effect where her wings' color changes and glows beautifully. With this technique, collectors get to have 2 different versions of Mothra in one statue.


As an icing on top, we are honored to announce that our Mothra Imago comes with an exclusive art print illustrated by none other than the legendary artist, Yuji Kaida-sensei, whose works are considered one of the best in Kaiju genre.


Pre-order Starts: June 12, 2023 - 3:00 P.M. (GMT+7, BKK Time)

Est. Arrival: Q 3, 2024

Dimensions: H 142 x L 60 x W 60 cm.

Scale: 1:256

Materials: Poly Resin, Clear Resin, and PVC(on sensitive parts)

Sculptor: Tanaka Kenichi

Edition Size: 150 pieces


*365 nm. black light is recommended.

**UV black light is not included in the package.


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Shipping and Handling Invoices will be sent separately in 1-3 Business Days after item is packed and ready to ship.


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