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"He is not part of our natural order and he is not meant to be here"

Ilene Chen


Spiral Studio proudly presents the new release from Titans of the Monsterverse Series with character that set us on this journey and shapes our studio to be who we are today; King Ghidorah(2019).


As our goal is to offer the most accurate and definitive version of each character that we do, our artists have put all their effort to make sure that every details is as accurate to the film as it can possibly be. We went extra miles with the usage of internal skeleton to make our King Ghidorah 100% anatomically correct based on what was portrayed in the movie.


With the reference from the official asset, we stay true to the source material whether it be the way King Ghidorah walks in quadrupedal stance, how each muscle strain forms, the serpentine-like scales depicted through contrast between scales and recesses, as well as blood vessels running through the entire wing membranes. Additionally, each membrane on both wings is also folded in the most naturalistic way.


Apart from the design, durability of the final product is just as important. We take pride in every of our King Ghidorah release which we utilize exoskeleton made of metal rod as an extra support inside the bone structure of the wings. This is to ensure that the wings of our King Ghidorah never bends or droops no matter what the conditions.


We hope you would enjoy this release as much as we do since every effort was not spared to make this statue an ultimate piece for enthusiasts and serious collectors who prioritize accuracy and realism over anything.



・ Pre-order Starts: December 20th, 2023

・ Est. Arrival: Q1 2025

・ Edition Size: TBD

・ Price: $1325



・3D Sculpt by Vlad Konstantinov

・Dimensions - H: 51 cm / W: 104.1 cm / L: 106.7 cm

・Materials: PVC and PUR


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