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Spiral Studio proudly presents the first statue from a product line that celebrates the culmination of Japanese artistry in Godzilla sculpture, "The Legacy Series", which we will keep introducing the finest sculpt of each Godzilla incarnation crafted by different Japanese masters, starting with our acclaimed Tanaka Kenichi-sensei (TANAKA STUDIO) under Tanaka Kenichi Modeling Collection.


Before starting this project, Tanaka-sensei had been travelling across Japan and attending almost every Godzilla event to observe and collect visual data of Godzilla 2001's actual rubber suit in pursuit of the absolute accuracy when it comes to sculpting this Godzilla. And with such effort, our painters at Spiral Studio went the extra miles to give a sense of realism to this sculpt even more by adding micro-details into the sculpt whether it be dusty effect in the crevices and cracks throughout the body, smokey shade in the glossy eyeballs, or subtle dark green hue that is barely visible on Godzilla's charcoal black skin. All these approaches make sure that this will be the most accurate Godzilla 2001 sculpt you have ever seen.


TLSTK-GZ001: Godzilla 2001 will be produced with Soft PU Resin (Unbreakable and bendable, the most expensive resin material) and the Japanese-grade vinyl to enhance its longevity, durability, and most importantly, to honor the long legacy of Godzilla created by Toho, and realized into the finest statue by the most fitting artist.


Our Godzilla 2001 will be limited to 299 pieces since we need to prioritize quality over quantity.


Pre-order Starts: August 29, 2022 - 5:00 P.M. (GMT+7, BKK Time)

Est. Arrival: Q 2, 2023

Dimensions: H 52 x L 89 x W 38 cm.

Scale: 1/117

Materials: Soft PU Resin and Vinyl

Sculptor: Tanaka Kenichi

Edition Size: 299 pieces



Shipping and Handling Invoices will be sent separately in 1-3 Business Days after item is packed and ready to ship.

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